Digital Strategies

iStock_000024811894Small copy The Internet is full of mixed messages that affect many businesses’ online presence. STRATEGY forty-eight uses listening techniques to understand where you stand in the market, and proactively identifies opportunities to adjust clients’ messaging to bolster their reputation. On the outset of developing a digital strategy, we’ll conduct deep research of the online landscape conversation, including key stakeholders and influencers, to target our clients’ best opportunities to cut through the clutter.

Our successful approach to navigating the digital landscape allows our clients to be nimble with their message and adjust quickly and effectively when necessary, keeping them one step ahead of opponents and competitors.

A company’s website and social media pages are the first place members of the media and potential clients go before reaching out to do business. STRATEGY forty-eight provides services to our clients that include online and social media listening strategies, video production, website redesigns and a comprehensive search engine marketing program.

STRATEGY forty-eight promotes a quality web presence over simply boosting web traffic numbers. Our approach allows you to communicate directly with the stakeholders most important to the strategic success of your company.

Strategic PlanningiStock_000003200765Small copy

STRATEGY forty-eight specializes in the management of complex, long-term issue management and communications. Specializing in both traditional and social media, we focus on a targeted approach tailored for each client to communicate its message, rather than a one-size-fits-all model.

Our commitment to planning includes deep research, analysis of the landscape and polling tools to refine our clients’ short term and long term goals. The result is a truly innovative and effective strategy to generate the results that matter most to your company and the public.

Crisis Communications

Most mistakes made by companies happen within the first hour of a crisis and most of the time those mistakes are difficult to recover from and take time to correct. STRATEGY forty-eight helps our clients prepare for the unexpected. Every crisis communications plan we develop provides clients with a blueprint on how to handle a crisis, from beginning to end. Whether we are involved in advance of a crisis or when it occurs, STRATEGY forty-eight immediately assesses the situation and evaluates the client’s desired outcome. No two plans are alike.

STRATEGY forty-eight has represented Fortune 500 companies that have dealt with high-profile crises, national media coverage, trials, labor relations disputes and unexpected media attention. In today’s landscape, the spotlight is even brighter, and our experience and successful approach managing crises for our clients is an essential part of what we do.

Public Involvement

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With decades of involvement in Arizona politics, community affairs and media, our award-winning team has the skills and experience to plan and carry out effective grassroots and grasstops campaigns.

While others rely only on direct mail and online communications techniques, we understand that personal relationships and face-to-face interaction are still the most effective way to influence public opinion. STRATEGY forty-eight blends both approaches to deliver genuine, longstanding results, whether it be a statewide campaign or a high-profile local issue.

STRATEGY forty-eight has a proven record and years of experience planning and organizing local, state, regional, national and international political and issue-oriented meetings, town halls, workshops and rallies.