Resolution Copper

RCM1Issue: The Resolution Copper project in Superior, AZ requires a Congressionally-authorized land exchange before it can commence. Thus, local community support and proper context in media outlets is paramount to the success of the project.

Tactics: In partnership with our sister company Policy Development Group, the STRATEGY forty-eight team acts as an extension of the communications department, providing assistance with briefing documents, talking points, event planning and logistics, media relations and strategic communications planning.

STRATEGY forty-eight also provides strategic communications support for the federal land exchange legislation currently before Congress. We help maintain the client’s relationships with national news organizations, the Arizona Republic’s editorial board and its D.C.-based reporter.

STRATEGY forty-eight also helped developed community advisory committees in the Copper Triangle to help build grassroots support for the project. The local outreach effort resulted in standing room-only events exceeding 700 people for recent visits by the U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior.

Result: Resolution Copper Mining has enjoyed positive media coverage from both national and local media outlets, including several Arizona Republic editorial endorsements. The project is a major job creator in Arizona and has been identified as a priority by numerous federal Congressional and Senatorial candidates.